Hi, I'm Eric Outler. I'm a speaker and personal coach based in Atlanta.

Although it may sound cliche, life coaching literally changed my life. I discovered it because I was sick and tired of the many struggles in my own life. I had bad jobs, bad relationships and even bad vacations. I read book after book, attended seminars and training sessions, yet none of them seemed to help.

Now, I have a lot more peace, balance and meaningful, deep relationships; all because life coaching taught me new ways of thinking and strategies for dealing with those bad days.

I became a certified coach after I found the methods which worked best for me. Now, I help others to get "unstuck" and experience breakthroughs in relationships, business and their personal lives.


What I do.

One on One.

Sometimes, you may not fully understand WHY you do what you do. You know that you need to change or stop a certain behavior, but cannot bring yourself to do it. One on one sessions are a great way to get some insight into the psychology behind certain behaviors.

Past clients have used these sessions to reach breakthroughs in:

  • Relationships (personal and professional)

  • Career change and business growth.

  • Self  esteem and weight loss.

Workshops & Group Sessions.

In a group session, we are able to draw on the experiences of everyone present. This share of knowledge helps everyone to grow. Businesses and couples benefit great from group sessions.

Some past sessions:

  • More Business with Less Stress.

  • Drama-Free Relationships.

  • The #1 Issue in Marriage.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison